Our objective is to provide all our customers with valued legal services to assist them in their personal injury claims. We deliver our service to all UK citizens and to non UK citizens who live and work in the UK.

The Access to Justice Law means that the community can expect to comprehend and fully know their rights in the UK and be supported in lawful claims and we aim to make sure we do this through the services we offer in personal injury claims.

Injury Support covers a variety of legal matters and we offer No win No fee. If you have suffered with any type of personal injury as a result of an accident, which you believe was NOT your fault, contact Injury Support for help and guidance and we will be happy to assist.

Personal injuries can include psychological injuries, such as stress which can caused by your job, or psychological harm from being the victim of a crime. You may be suffering from a psychological illness which is caused by harassment or discrimination in your place of work.

Whatever the cause of your physical or psychological personal accident, the correct accident advice and support is crucial. The victim, in these cases, may be eligible to compensation in a personal injury claim. We do this by finding you the correct solicitor to deal with your accident compensation claim, to certify your case has the finest possible chance of success. The solicitors we participatewith are fully qualified, with years of experience in the personal injury world and other accident claims. Their capability in this field means that they will endeavour to negotiate for maximum compensation on your behalf.

We will aim, however, to win your case for you. Let us do what we are best at.

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