Medical Negligence

Generally speaking, hospitals are somewhere you done wish to attend. However if you do have to go to the hospital, be it A&E for an emergency medical problem, attending for a scan, or for treatment or for surgery, then you place yourself fully in their hands and trust them to give you the best possible treatment for your condition.

If any errors or mistakes are made during that treatment, the results can have a significant impact. Whether it’s misreading an X-Ray or sending you home with a painful, undiagnosed fracture, or waiting times at A&E meaning that you or your loved one do not receive the right treatment in time, if you have suffered from a medical mistake at the hospital, you may be entitled to claim.

Medical Negligence can include:

  • Failed or wrong surgical procedure
  • Unnecessary surgical procedures
  • Negligent delay in treatment or surgery
  • Failure to removed unintended foreign objects during surgery
  • Wrong site surgery
  • Hospital acquitted infection
  • Pressure sore

  • Contact us today, if you have been a victim or Medical Negligence as you may be entitled to claim compensation for your mishap.

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