Public Liability

If you are a visitor on a premises, or a guest visiting someone and are invited onto the premises, and you unfortunately have an accident there, you should be entitled to claim for compensation. The owner of the business or the property premises should have insurance to cover such personal injury accidents.

You might be visiting pubs and slip or trip over, or you may have an accident in a public park. You could sustain a fall or be injured in a restaurant, or trip in your local shopping centre. A shop might have a slippery surface or a loose shelf that causes you an injury. The same might happen in your leisure centre, or in a school, or college where certain areas have not been maintained. Leisure clubs and factories are also common sites for a public liability accident. You may even be visiting friends and family when your accident occurs.

The first thing you should do, in the event of such an injury taking place, is to log the accident details.

  • Note the date, time and location of your accident.

  • Make sure that the incident is logged in the accident book by the owner/proprietor of the premises.

  • If there are any witnesses to your accident, try to collect witness details as these will prove very useful at a later date when the evidence is collated by your solicitor.

  • You may need to seek medical attention if your injury requires you to do so or there may also be a first aider on the scene.

If you follow these sensible steps after your accident, you should be able to make a claim for compensation under public liability. If the owner/occupier of the premises can be proven to be negligent, you will have a strong case and may receive compensation.

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