Slips, Trips and Falls are mainly just seen as moments of embarrassment. You might be in the supermarket when your accident occurs and you just want to leave as quickly as possible. However, if you find you have had a slip due to a wet surface or a trip over an uneven floor, and you have suffered an injury as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

You would imagine that when you are in public places that you are walking in safe conditions, and this is the case for several public and business areas in the UK, but occasionally untreated or slippery surfaces exist in some zones and the standards can be surprisingly poor.

The Council and Local Authority have a duty to maintain street lighting as well as pavements and roads to safeguard that the general public are free from harm. If these duties have not beencarried out and you find yourself the victim of a personal injury accident of this kind, you should seek advice about claiming compensation.

The process of slip and trip accident claims involves showing negligence of another party, followed by evidence that the injury was caused by that party's negligence. You may not know if this is the case, so the best advice we can offer you is to simply contact us to discuss the details of your trip or slip. You may find that you are entitled to Compensation.

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