Work Accident

Employees should take extra care at work as it can be a dangerous place. Employers, meanwhile, have a duty to make sure that their work place is a completely safe environment at all times.

No accident circumstance is the same as another, and there are always different reasons why certain accidents happen and not others. It may not be required to report every occurrence.

Injuries that must be reported are amputations, broken arms, ribs or legs, blinding, unconsciousness, resuscitation and admission to a hospital. A reported accident also involves any injury that prevents an employee from carrying out their work for a certain number of days.

  • If you suffer accident at your place of work you should report, or ask a work colleague to report, the circumstances as quickly as possible.

  • You should seek medical attention if needed, or seek the attention of a trained first aider who is on site at your time of accident. Always ensure that the accident is logged in the accident book.

  • You should also request a copy of the form for your own records as this will assist you when you come to make your claim for personal injury. You may need gp treatment or hospital treatment after your accident.

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